About us

IGNITOR Ltd. is located in North Central region of Bulgaria, at about 230 km distance from the capital city Sofia.
It is specialized in production of lighting components, incl. Superimposed Pulse Ignitors for high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps, Electronic Ballasts, Power Switches, etc. Apart from the above direction of activities, we also have developed production of Products for Security Applications, Inductance Coils and Transformers, Energy-saving Lamps from 7W to 26W, and we also render additional services that are related to the production of electronic devices.

Our leading principle is to guarantee the high quality and reliability of our products. At the end of 2013 we successfully completed a certification procedure for our Ignitors at VDE Institute – Germany.

We cover our products by 2-year and 3-year warranty. For our VDE marked products it is a 5-year warranty. We perform strict control over the incoming flows of components that we use in our production. Quality of the end product is 100% controlled by testing at different production stages.

All our products cover the requirements of the relevant European standards. Our production facilities are located in Veliko Tarnovo Province – a region that is known by its traditions in the sphere of electronics and electrics. Therefore we have at our disposal qualified specialists for to support constantly high quality of our products

In the last years we register stable development by increasing the production volumes with 25-30% per year, also by widening the product range with new designs and attracting new customers.